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Blueberry Lavender

These Gourmet Jams bring out exquisite flavors and are great for anything from your favorite breakfast items, to pastries, and any desert.  
Blueberry Lavender
Spiced Pear
Apple Pie 
Savory Fig

Strawberry Mango

 ** Additional Flavors available under Seasonal Jams.

Peach Bourbon

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Jam Sample Packs

2 oz jars can be added as an addition to orders or purchased in  sample packs below.  These little gems go great on charcuterie boards or are great as gifts. 

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We are sure you will enjoy our gourmet jams. There are many flavors to choose from. Each Jam is made with fresh natural ingredients, real fruit and  in small batches so that we can guarantee freshness.  *Gluten Free and Vegan. Check  out Flavors on our Gourmet Jam Flavor page and make sure to type in your selection.  We offer the options of self Pick up in downtown Lakeland, Home, Office, or event delivery  and shipping. Please call us for shipping fees. 

Spice up your life with our large variety of Pepper Jams. Choose your heat level from mild to intense .
Cranberry Pepper, Strawberry Serrano, Blueberry Jalapeno
Rockin' Raspberry, Blueberry Jalapeno
Hot : 
Pineapple Habanero, Peach Habanero, Thai Mandarin, Spicy Caribbean , Bourbon Blaze
Black Widow  (Blackberries, Apple & Carolina Reaper Pepper)
Dragon Fire (Pineapple, Mango & Ghost Pepper)

Try something new! Wine jams can be used on Charcuterie Boards, in Crepes, on Scones, as a filling in Pastries, added to Yogurt  or on deserts or simply on pancakes or toast. However you choose to enjoy these tasty gourmet jams, they are a delightful edition to any dish you create. Choose from:
Strawberry Champagne
Raspberry Peach Sangria
Mimosa Marmalade
Wildberry Pinot Noir
Raspberry Merlot


Our Gourmet Boozy Jams are bursting with flavor  and be use  for a variety of  things from cooking your favorite dish, in baking your favorite desert, on cheese boards, in yogurt and on pancakes and much more. The goodness in these jams will keep you coming back for more. 

Apricot Rum Raisin

Apple Borbon

Apple Pie

Blueberry Grand Marnier

Blackberry Bourbon

Blueberry Bourbon (contains Pecans)

Cherry Amaretto

Peach Bourbon

Cranberry Chambord

Jamakin' Me Crazy (mango & coconut)

Peach Amaretto (coming Soon)

Cranberry Chambord

Cranberry Chambord

Seasonal Limited Special  Edition

A unique blend of Cranberries, Orange,  Ginger and Raspberry Liqueur that when blended together  brings out a taste that is phenomenal. Since this is a special edition for our Fall & Winter season, quantities are limited so order yours today before there is no more. 

Jam Gift Sets

Gift Set s

Looking for a great gift for that special friend or family member in your life? Our 5 oz. jar in a four pack make a great gift that everyone will love.   Choose from our :

Spicy Jam pack that includes : 

Pineapple Habanero, Strawberry Serrano, Peach Habanero, & Blueberry Jalapeno

 Boozy Jam Pack that includes: 

Cherry Amaretto, Blackberry Bourbon, 

Apple Pie  & Blueberry Grand Marnier

Wine Jam Pack  that includes:

Raspberry Peach Sangria, Peach Chardonnay, Strawberry Champagne, Blueberry Rose'

 Traditional Jams Pack includes

Blueberry Lavender, Strawberry Mango,

Apple Pie & Spiced Pear

Seasonal Jams

Check our Seasonal Jams, these Special  Editions come back once a year for a limited time.

Cranberry Chambord

Maple Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin Ginger

Carrot Cake

Tropical Hawaiian

Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Rhubarb 

Individual and Gift selections

*Please note that when ordering   we give you the choice of picking up your order or having it personally delivered to your home or special event.   

We service Polk, Orange, Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Marion and Sarasota counties in Florida. All Delivery orders must have a minimum of a $25 order


Event Party Favors

Impress your guest on your special day. Whether it ts a Wedding, Bridal or Baby shower, a Tea Party or  any other event, give a delicious edible favor as your thank you! From delicious traditional jams to our special gourmet boozy jams to our inspired herb and spiced jams to our pepper jams, we promise your guest will enjoy these treats and will leave them wanting more. These little gems can be customize  for your event with either our 1.5 oz. or 4 oz. jars and with one of our select labels. Gourmet jam packages can be ordered in quantities of 25, 50, 75, or 100.

Please place your order a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your event date  as all orders we give our personal attention to and personally delivery to your home or event  in select areas of Florida.

* As our gift to the Bride and Groom. place your order by the end of the month and receive a Free 5 oz. jar for the happy couple. 

*Please note that when ordering we give you the choice of picking up your order or having it personally delivered to your home or special event. Delivery Fee and Shipping fees are an additional cost.

For  delivery services to your event or home we service Polk, Osceola, Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Marion and Sarasota counties in Florida for an additional fee of $25.  All other event orders are shipped and shipping fees will apply. Please call for shipping fee.

Sample Pack: Includes  2 oz.  jars of select flavors:

Boozy Pack includes : Blueberry Grand Marnier,  Blackberry Bourbon,  Cherry Amaretto,  Peach Bourbon

Spicy Pack includes: Pineapple Habanero, Strawberry Serrano, Rockin' Raspberry,  Cranberry Pepper

Traditional & Herb includes: Blueberry Lavender, Strawberry Mango,  Apple pie,  Blackberry Apple 

**Note: Blackberry Apple may be replaced  during special seasons with a seasonal flavor if available 

*Please note that when ordering we give you the choice of picking up your order,  having it personally delivered locally to your home or special event or having it shipped. 

Please enter your flavor choices in white box above cart button

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