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Indulge in the unique and flavorful blend of our Artisan Organic Raw Honey infused with the perfect balance of garlic and chili peppers. Experience the perfect blend of sweet and spicy with our Garlic Chili infused Honey. Our Artisan Honey is sourced from local beekeepers and is 100% organic raw honey, ensuring the highest quality in every bottle.  Our Garlic Chili infused Honey is the ideal condiment for those seeking a sweet and spicy kick to their dishes. Drizzle it over a warm batch of biscuits for a sweet and savory treat or pair it with carrots as a delectable snack, or use it in a cocktail drink. This versatile hot honey can also be used in cooking, adding a burst of flavor to marinades, dressings, and sauces. Elevate your culinary creations with our handcrafted and all-natural Garlic Chili infused Honey.

Garlic Chili infused Honey

SKU: GC135199
  • Raw Organic Honey, Infused with orgainic dehyrated garlic and chili peppers


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