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Indulge in our mouth-watering Strawberry Serrano jam, a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Made with ripe, juicy strawberries and just the right amount of serrano peppers, this artisan jam is a delightful addition to any charcuterie board. Whether paired with brie or cream cheese, the bold flavors of this gourmet jam will elevate any dish. Use it as a topping for meats or as a glaze for grilling - the possibilities are endless. Try our Strawberry Serrano jam and add a kick to your next meal or surprise your friends and family with this bold and flavorful pepper jam, making it the perfect gift for any occasion!

Strawberry Serrano

SKU: SS45768
12 Ounces
  • This product is made in small batches and with all natural ingredients. It is vegan friendly and a gluten free product. 

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