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Indulge in the pure sweetness and rich floral flavor of our Wild Flower Honey, a premium grade organic honey that has been carefully harvested and bottled by hand. Our raw honey is free of any artificial additives and never heat processed, ensuring that you enjoy all the natural health benefits, including antioxidant properties and antibacterial effects. Drizzle this golden goodness over oatmeal, stir into hot tea, spoon over yogurt, or use it as a natural sweetener for your favorite recipes. Host a delightful tea party with a spread of delicious scones, pastries, and our Wild Flower Honey. For the perfect gift, pair our honey with a selection of gourmet jams in our Jam & Honey Gift Set. Sourced from local artisan beekeepers, this Wild Flower Honey is a testament to the care and passion that goes into producing the finest organic honey. Enjoy the pure taste of nature with our exquisite Wild Flower Honey.

Wild Flower Honey

SKU: WF135189
  • Raw Organic Wild Flower Honey

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